The Society publishes books and excursion guides for sale to members and the general public.
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The Edinburgh Geologist is the Society's own in-house magazine, aimed at amateur geologists and other non-specialists.
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Our GeoConservation groups publish leaflets exploring the geodiversity of local sites.

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The Society, in conjunction with the Geological Society of Glasgow, also publishes the mainstream geological journal, The Scottish Journal of Geology. Available online at (instructions below)

Online access to the Scottish Journal of Geology & Transactions of the Society

Digitised archive copies of The Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society 1868-1963 and the Scottish Journal of Geology are now available online at the Lyell Collection website. The collection is fully searchable and the indexes are free to browse. Access to the full content of the Journal and the Transactions is available to members of the Edinburgh Geological Society for free. This involves a one-off, free subscription activation where you select a user name and password. Note that this access is available to all Ordinary, Life, Honorary, Distinguished and Corresponding Fellows; but not to Senior Fellows, Family Fellows, or Associate Fellows (Junior or Glasgow). Glasgow Associates can get access via the Geological Society of Glasgow.

1) Go to the subscription activation page ( and enter your subscriber ID number. This is your four-digit EGS member number prefixed with the letters EGS. e.g, if you are EGS member 79, your Subscriber ID is EGS0079. You can find your EGS member number from the address label of a recent SJG mailing, or you can contact the Membership Secretary - see contact details.

2) You will then need to select a username and password which you will use to login and view the journal. Once you've completed the subscription activation, you will be able to access the SJG site here or using the link from the main Lyell Collection webpage here

Copyright and permissions

Copyright of excursion guides and other books published by the Edinburgh Geological Society, of The Edinburgh Geologist and of the Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society rests in general with the Society. Some older excursion guides were published for the Society by other publishers, who have claimed copyright. Copyright of publications of the GeoConservation groups, which are sub-committees of the Society, rests with the appropriate group but is administered by the Society.

In all publications, copyright of some individual illustrations could rest with other organisations or individuals, who are identified in captions or acknowledgements.

Requests for permission to reproduce materials from the Society’s publications should be directed to the Publications Secretary (Contact Details), who is empowered to grant permission on behalf of the Society or, if necessary, will advise on alternative contacts. Permission to reproduce in non-commercial, academic or educational publications will normally be granted gratis, provided that due acknowledgement is made.

The Scottish Journal of Geology is the joint property of the Geological Society of Glasgow and the Edinburgh Geological Society and is published for the two societies by the Geological Society Publishing House. Requests for permission to reproduce material from the journal should be directed to the Chief Editor, named in a current issue. For full details of copyright and permissions, see


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