GeoConservation Groups affiliated with the Society

There are three GeoConservation groups which are sub-committees of the Society: Lothian and Borders GeoConservation, Stirling and Clackmannan RIGS Group and Tayside Geodiversity. These groups identify and designate Local Geodiversity Sites.

Local Geodiversity Sites are the most important places for geology, geomorphology and soils outside statutorily protected nature reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The designation of Local Geodiversity Sites is one way of recognising and protecting important earth science and landscape features for future generations to enjoy. We also work to raise awareness of sites and geodiversity through publicity such as leaflets, booklets, posters, interpretation boards and the Internet, and by developing access and educational usage of sites and trails. (Local Geodiversity Sites were previously known as RIGS, Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites.)

Lothian & Borders GeoConservation

The LBGC Committee meets twice a year, and includes representatives from the 5 Local Authorities in our area. The Committee discusses Local Geodiversity Sites and other related issues.

The LBGC Volunteer Group welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of local geology and conservation. The group has evening meetings every month in winter, and gets involved in occasional work parties and other events. At our informal evening meetings we discuss ongoing projects, and everyone is welcome. Come along and find out more!

For further information, or to be added to the Lothian and Borders GeoConservation Group email list and kept up-to-date with our activities, please contact the Secretary - see the Society Contacts page for details.

Local Geodiversity Sites in the Lothian and Borders area

City of Edinburgh Geodiversity Action Plan 2010 - download (pdf file)


We have published over 20 leaflets and posters about Local Geodiversity Sites and other areas of interest.

Tayside Geodiversity

Tayside Geodiversity is a voluntary group that is interested in making Tayside's geology and landscape better known. The group aims to produce leaflets and information boards about local geology and geomorphology sites and to protect and improve these sites in the three council areas (Angus, Perth & Kinross, and Dundee) that make up Tayside - find out more

Dundee Law Leaflet (pdf file, 1.4 MB)

Tayside Geodiversity Action Plan

Stirling & Clackmannan RIGS

The Stirling & Clackmannan RIGS group have published a leaflet on Wolf's Hole Quarry and Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan - download A4 pdf file (3.6 MB)

Calander Geodiversity Trail - Stories in the Landscape, produced by Callanderís Countryside, an associated organisation of Callander Community Development Trust - download pdf file (1.5 MB)

For further information about the group, please contact Tom Kerr on 01786 833608.

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